Distribution services

Alongside our warehouse capability we provide a full range of local distribution services including dangerous goods handling and transportation services as well as intercity, interstate and local distribution services.

  • Warehousing
  • Tanker Fleet and Bulk Liquid
  • Recycle and Disposal of Waste
  • Distribution
  • Repacking and Blending
  • Global Supply Network

Blending and Down Packing

DGL has an extensive network of facilities across Australia and New Zealand that can provide blending services.

DGL provides blending, down packing and bulking up of imported and locally sourced chemicals according to customer requirements.

Contract Logistics

DGL is the contract logistics partner of choice for logistics outsourcing and the management of complex supply chains.

We listen carefully to your logistics challenges and conduct a thorough analysis of your business needs. From point of origin to consumption, we design solutions that turn your logistics operations from a challenge into a substantial competitive advantage.